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according to IFRS 16, which gives a net debt/EBITDA of 0.67 (0.95). Interest-bearing non-current lease liabilities. 271. 9 dec. 2018 — Räntetäckningsgrad (Interest coverage ratio) Nettoskuld genom EBITDA visar hur många gånger ett års EBITDA the skulle krävas för att göra  28 nov. 2016 — 2017E.

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44. 45, EBITA 147, Interest coverage ratio, 671,2/17,0=39,5, 195,5/12,4 = 15,8. 148. 21, Net debt, incl pensions / EBITDA, multiple. 22, Net debt excl. pensions, SEKm​.

It is achieved by examining whether or not the company is profitable enough for paying off the respective interest expenses with the help of pre-tax Income of the firm. 2021-01-20 definition. EBITDA Interest Coverage means, at any reporting date, for a Person, the ratio calculated by dividing (A) the earnings from continuing operations (including interest income and equity earnings, but excluding nonrecurring items) before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization for such Person by (B) gross interest incurred by such The ratio is also known as the EBITDA-To-Interest Coverage Ratio.

Increased sales volumes and further reduced cost base gave

2018 — lönsamhetsmål, 10 procent EBITDA-marginal, kommer det krävas och kriterier; 1 – Räntetäckningsgrad (Times-interest-coverage ratio), 2 –. 16 juli 2018 — EBITDA. 61. 91.

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Ebitda interest coverage

148. 21, Net debt, incl pensions / EBITDA, multiple.

EBITDA as used in the ratios above represents operating income less depreciation and  covenants, including among others, a leverage ratio and an interest coverage ratio. cominar. (2) The interest coverage ratio is equal to EBITDA (non-GAAP [ ]. 15 Sep 2015 Another variation is using Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization (EBITDA) in the numerator instead of EBIT.
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Interest coverage. 98.6%. 99.0%.

2018E criteria: 1 – Times-interest-coverage ratio, 2 – Debt-to-equity ratio, 3 – Quick. 12 mars 2019 — IFRS measures for both EBITDA and Adjusted EBITDA is net income (2017: $0.6 million) of interest expense, and recognised $7 thousand  11 mars 2020 — 1,564.1. 787.6.
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2018-07-13 EBITDA / financial expense: Also called interest coverage ratio, this ratio gives an indication of both the liquidity of the company (i.e. its ability to fulfil its short term financial commitments) and of the weight of the debt of the company. A key measure is the EBITDA to interest ratio.